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Microsoft Windows (conocido generalmente como Windows), es el nombre de una familia de sistemas operativos desarrollados y vendidos por Microsoft. Se introdujo el 25 de noviembre de 1985 como un complemento para MS-DOS en respuesta al creciente interés en las interfaces gráficas de usuario (GUI). Se trata del sistema operativo para plataformas PC más extendido del mundo.

Juegos latinoamericanos publicados en esta plataforma

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Beaked Buccaneer 20/06/2024 Juliano Ferreira de Lima
Astor: Blade of the Monolith 30/05/2024 C2 Game Studio
Bichito Clicker 24/05/2024 Shieldering GameStudio
DESPOSIS 20/05/2024 Skydivers Studio
Archaeogem 17/05/2024
MULLET MADJACK 15/05/2024 Hammer95
Deep Beyond En desarrollo Avix
MADiSON VR 02/05/2024 Bloodious Games
The Lullaby of Life 30/04/2024 1 Simple Game
Saviorless 02/04/2024 Empty Head Games
Unlinked Mask 29/03/2024
Qwepoi 29/03/2024 Marcos Cavalcante
The Consumist Journey 15/03/2024
Top Racer Collection 06/03/2024 QUByte Interactive
Meat 01/03/2024 616 Games
Dicefolk 27/02/2024 LEAP Game Studios
Charrua Soccer - Mirror Edition 26/02/2024 Acceso anticipado Batovi Games
Capital Fire 23/02/2024 Lizards Games
Ruff Ghanor 22/02/2024 DX Gameworks
Sokobond Express 22/02/2024 José Hernández
502's Arcade 22/02/2024 502 Studios
La Sombra 21/02/2024
FROGUE 14/02/2024 Wired Dreams Studio
Wildsong 12/02/2024 Ravegan
ULTRATORO 09/02/2024 Retsa Games
Chakana, Gold of the Gods 07/02/2024 Equinoxis Studios
MindKatt 07/02/2024 Acceso anticipado MapacheXstudio
UDO 01/02/2024 Blue Firefly Studio
The Abyss Within 25/01/2024 LOM Games
One Night in Kawami 17/01/2024 Brand New Whatever
Gambit Gun 29/12/2023 Hammerbyte Games
Cosplay Club 14/12/2023 Behold Studios
Bahnsen Knights 14/12/2023 LCB Game Studio
The Night Of The Inquisitor 13/12/2023 ZombieByte
Raccoo Venture 13/12/2023 Diego Ras
Surviving with a Bat 11/12/2023 Vutune
Chessarama 05/12/2023 Minimol Games
Extremely Powerful Capybaras 05/12/2023 Studio Bravarda
One More Shooter Game 28/11/2023 Szatkowsky
Railway Islands 2 - Puzzle 20/11/2023 Rising Moon Games
Death Elevator 15/11/2023 Fernando Tittz
Protoplanet Express 14/11/2023 Núcleo Milenio De Formación Planetaria
Bem Feito 09/11/2023
AESIR Online 08/11/2023 AESIR Online Staff
Only an Alien Going Up! 07/11/2023 Vutune
Terracards 07/11/2023 Pixel Purrfect
Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl 2 07/11/2023 Fair Play Labs
Champion Shift: Prologue 07/11/2023 SRG Studios
DreamWorks All-Star Kart Racing 03/11/2023 Bamtang Games
Mostroscopy 30/10/2023 Oribe Ware Games
Suns of Wiraqocha 27/10/2023 Netdreams
Hamster on Rails 26/10/2023 Virtual Arts Studio
Ocelot Sunrise 26/10/2023 Acceso anticipado Costa Blanca Studios
Buddy and Friends on Halloween 25/10/2023 Mens Sana Interactive
Logicubes 20/10/2023 One Dru Games
Skull Island: Rise of Kong 17/10/2023 IguanaBee
Vlad Circus: Descend Into Madness 16/10/2023 Indiesruption
Paradaice 13/10/2023 Rukis Productions
Haunted House 12/10/2023 Orbit Studio
Galaxy Kart VR 11/10/2023 VRMonkey
Order from Caos 2 10/10/2023 White Vortex Games
Deadly Rain 06/10/2023 FireRing Studio
Little Splash 06/10/2023 Vutune
A Tiny Sticker Tale 04/10/2023 Ogre Pixel
Railgunners 25/09/2023 Expresso Studios
The Bunny Graveyard 22/09/2023 Pichón Games
Avatar: The Last Airbender - Quest for Balance 22/09/2023 Bamtang Games
Astrea: Six-Sided Oracles 21/09/2023 Little Leo Games
Waking Up: Way Back Home 19/09/2023 Siltium
Thunder Ray 14/09/2023 Purple Tree
Horizon Chase 2 14/09/2023 Aquiris Game Studio
The Sheriff's Town 13/09/2023 Vutune
Revenge of ILCOIN 06/09/2023 Focka Games
Tiny Witch 01/09/2023 Creative Hand
Capitán Kalani Edición Definitiva 30/08/2023 PoiesusGames
Charrua Soccer 25/08/2023 Batovi Games
4 The Elements 25/08/2023 Mito Games
Mirrored Souls 23/08/2023 The Bricks Studio
Ring Stars 22/08/2023 Vutune
PAC-STROYER RTX 20/08/2023 Juan Beltran
Chaotic Pursuit 11/08/2023 Vutune
Mini Knight's Journey 10/08/2023 Prismacore Dream
Pombero: EL SEÑOR DE LA NOCHE (Renacido) 07/08/2023 Inside Studios
Selene's Unbearable Night 05/08/2023
Refidenptio 04/08/2023 Acceso anticipado Nezashiron Games
A Slug's Dream 03/08/2023 Marcos Donnantuoni
Adore 02/08/2023 Cadabra Games
Superior IQ 30/07/2023 Szatkowsky
Doug's Nightmare 29/07/2023 Undev Games
Vampire Hunters 26/07/2023 Acceso anticipado Gamecraft Studios
Unswappers 25/07/2023 Sergio Frágola
Shy Cats Hidden Orchestra 22/07/2023 Enchant Games
Rocket Horizon 21/07/2023 Vutune
Doctor Cat 20/07/2023 Headway Games
Shape Shipter 17/07/2023 Jorge T. Vargas
Golf: Hole in One 14/07/2023 Headway Games
REC: Beyond The Lens 03/07/2023 Samuka Gomes
Doomsday Derby 27/06/2023 LFR Games
Nova Lands 22/06/2023 BEHEMUTT
Steel Racer 20/06/2023 Juliano Ferreira de Lima
The Return of La Llorona 17/06/2023 ZombieByte
Market Warfare 15/06/2023 Pineapple Digital
ProtoCorgi 15/06/2023 Kemono Games
Hermano de Jorel y el Juego Más Importante de la Galaxia 14/06/2023 Double Dash Studios
Moki Kart 07/06/2023 Mokiki Games
Mislight 01/06/2023 Etherlight
Candle Knight 31/05/2023 Dracma Studios
Evil Wizard 25/05/2023 Rubber Duck Games
Big Sword Hero 25/05/2023 Harmonika Games
Axe Me Down 25/05/2023 Harmonika Games
Counting Fun 22/05/2023 Ticos Games
Ghost Survivors 15/05/2023
Halftime Heroes 11/05/2023 Bigboot Studios
Herodes 11/05/2023 TecnoloGils
CANINE 10/05/2023 PuKo
Remnants of the Rift 04/05/2023 Bromio
Varney Lake 28/04/2023 LCB Game Studio
Witch Rise 27/04/2023 Juliano Ferreira de Lima
Microbot 27/04/2023
Dungeon Drafters 27/04/2023 Manalith Studios
Save 2020 26/04/2023 AlmanGames
Roots of Pacha 25/04/2023 Soda Den
Hoping Forest 24/04/2023 Arthemy Studios
WatanOS 23/04/2023 Acceso anticipado Sergio Samuel
Fireplace Warriors 21/04/2023
Busway Islands - Puzzle 20/04/2023 Rising Moon Games
Nobodies: After Death 20/04/2023 Blyts
Wild Dogs 20/04/2023 2ndBoss
God of Rock 17/04/2023 Modus Studios Brazil
AfroPenguin & El Ramen Prohibido 14/04/2023 Leonardo Jorge Monge
Cheese Carnage 12/04/2023 Victor Hugo Pérez Artega
Moonleap 11/04/2023 Gustavo Barros
Cosmo Knight ZiON (GameBoy Color) 10/04/2023
It Comes In Waves 05/04/2023 Merlino Games
Bots Chaos 31/03/2023 Lucas Fernández
Tetragram 31/03/2023
DETROIT: EL REHÉN 30/03/2023 Juan Beltran
Crystal Storm 30/03/2023
Ainmora: The Impending Disaster 29/03/2023 Danilo H. Gomes
Linked Worlds 29/03/2023
9 Years of Shadows 27/03/2023 Halberd Studios
Fractured Sanity 27/03/2023 United Games
Storyteller 23/03/2023 Daniel Benmergui
Rail-it! 19/03/2023
Mines Sweeper 13/03/2023
Super Crane Bug 10/03/2023 César Domíguez Garza
Clash: Artifacts of Chaos 09/03/2023 ACE Team
More than words 09/03/2023 Soul Shell
More than words 09/03/2023
Pretend Cars Racing 08/03/2023 Patricio Marin
Cryogenesis 07/03/2023 Remainder Studios
Outlanders 07/03/2023 Pomelo Games
Rayland 2 06/03/2023 Naoka Games
DUCK SEASON RTX 03/03/2023 Juan Beltran
Finger Football: Goal in One 24/02/2023 Headway Games
Planet Cube: Edge 23/02/2023 Sunna Entertainment
Luckily, My Arm Is A Shotgun 22/02/2023 Merlino Games
Tus últimas palabras 21/02/2023
Dawn Of Hell 20/02/2023 Samuka Gomes
The end is nahual: If I may say so 17/02/2023 Third World Productions
Phoenix Nightmare 07/02/2023 LFR Games
Rooting 07/02/2023
Ghosting Vandal 05/02/2023 J. D.
LoFi Hotel 04/02/2023 Enchant Games
Brave Soldier - Invasion of Cyborgs 03/02/2023 JM Neto Game Dev
Na' Moots 01/02/2023
Amabilly 30/01/2023 Juliano Ferreira de Lima
ULTRA LMAD 20/01/2023 Headless
JUMPMAN RTX 18/01/2023 Juan Beltran
RE:CALL 17/01/2023 Matías Schmied
Adventure's Pixel World 16/01/2023 Fearless Colossus
Koatl el Defensor: Los túneles perdidos 15/01/2023 Oribe Ware Games
Cannibal Abduction 13/01/2023 Tomás Esconjaureguy
Vengeful Guardian: Moonrider 12/01/2023 JoyMasher
Juan Sin Miedo 08/01/2023 Scott Ian Ceja Lampkins
Cheese Cats 06/01/2023
Coralina 06/01/2023 Gabriel Maki
Horror Night: The Slenderman takings 27/12/2022 DeadlyCrow Games
Out of Bounds 16/12/2022 Tobías Rusjan
Neighborhood Painter 15/12/2022
Locked in my darkness 09/12/2022 Blusagi Team
Astoroid Dust On-Line 07/12/2022 Ticos Games
LOCOSOCCER 07/12/2022 Startreming Games
Floppy Disks from Hell 04/12/2022 BLJ Games
Hook&Loop 01/12/2022 fkn electric studio
Beat the Heat 30/11/2022
Opaloid Kingdom 22/11/2022
EON Fighter 22/11/2022 Square Wheel
Dolmenjord - Viking Islands 17/11/2022 Mens Sana Interactive
Extinction Eclipse 17/11/2022 TuanisApps
The Stone Cutter and the Mountain Spirit 15/11/2022 The Philosophical School of Games
ARPSIC 11/11/2022
iO Inner Self - The Lava Planet VR 11/11/2022 SpaceBoy
Lila's Tale and the Hidden Forest 10/11/2022 Skullfish Studios
Running Fable 04/11/2022 Seashell Studio
Super Crazy Chickens 01/11/2022 The Freak World
Lonesome Village 01/11/2022 Ogre Pixel
Spooky Halloween in the Voxel World 31/10/2022 Paulo Sacilotti Junior
Math Tower 2 30/10/2022 Ticos Games
Pocket Witch 27/10/2022 Naoka Games
MARS 2120 26/10/2022 Acceso anticipado QUByte Interactive
Dark Tales from México: Prelude. Just a Dream... with The Sack Man 25/10/2022 BitAll Force
Dark Tales from México: Prelude. Just a Dream... with The Sack Man 25/10/2022
I See Red 24/10/2022 Whiteboard Games
Age of Heroes: The Beginning 24/10/2022 Green Sauce Games
Heating Way 23/10/2022
HELP! NO BRAKE 22/10/2022
Asteroid Dust 22/10/2022 Ticos Games
Wormmy 21/10/2022 Mapopi
Match Village 20/10/2022 Rising Moon Games
Battlestation 17/10/2022 Vincae Entretenimento
Josh Journey: Darkness Totems 15/10/2022 Província Studio
Nickelodeon Kart Racers 3: Slime Speedway 14/10/2022 Bamtang Games
The Blunderbuss 13/10/2022
The Eternal Cylinder 13/10/2022 ACE Team
Fantasia Medieval 13/10/2022 Paulo Henrique Franqueira
Unusual Findings 12/10/2022 Epic Llama
Isla Sinaloa 10/10/2022
County Hospital 2 03/10/2022 LFR Games
Hit the Clown 03/10/2022
Beyond the Storm 03/10/2022 Leandro Gabriel
Bad Chicken 30/09/2022 Coquibyte Games
The Legend of Chibi Ninja 29/09/2022 Iván Espadas
Street Paint Playground 27/09/2022 LFR Games
Flora Learns To Sing! 26/09/2022
No Place for Bravery 22/09/2022 The Glitch Factory
Slayer Cat 22/09/2022
Climb and Fight: Mafia 21/09/2022 Shido Game Studio
Squadron 51 21/09/2022 Loomiarts
Until Lights Out 16/09/2022 Samuka Gomes
GUILTY 15/09/2022 Lauro Zanetti Cabral
Blade Bros IMPACT! 10/09/2022 Luftmensch
Military Attack 09/09/2022 GamesBraz
Linked Mask 08/09/2022 Spoonman Games
Mageki's Quest 08/09/2022
Mr. Jacks Tragedy 07/09/2022
Alone Again: The Countryside 05/09/2022 Paulo Sacilotti Junior
Old Roots 02/09/2022
Mars: The New Eden 02/09/2022 CGGAMES
The Faction 02/09/2022 GamesBraz
The Wild: Survival Game 01/09/2022 TE'OM Games
RESTLESS SOUL 01/09/2022 Fuz Games
PunchBots 01/09/2022 Ghost Creative Studio
Golazo! 2 31/08/2022 Purple Tree
Island Cities - Jigsaw Puzzle 30/08/2022 Mens Sana Interactive
Dunkelheit 26/08/2022
Jade Order 25/08/2022
Hypnic Fall 22/08/2022
Eyes Over Us 18/08/2022 Curse Box Studios
Project Possession 17/08/2022 Efecto Studios
Little League World Series Baseball 2022 17/08/2022 IguanaBee
Spirit of the Island 17/08/2022 1M Bits Horde
Pulling No Punches 10/08/2022 BrainDead Broccoli
Colorful Recolor 10/08/2022
El Mariana Vs. Los Teletubbies 07/08/2022
Burrow of the Fallen Bear: A Gay Furry Visual Novel 05/08/2022 Male Doll
Illuminaria 04/08/2022 Selva Interactive
Vanaris Tactics 04/08/2022 Matheus Reis
Spiriat 02/08/2022 LomaLort Games
Carphero - Seaside Delivery 31/07/2022 Coast City Games
ANIQUILATION 27/07/2022 R-Next
Kamigami: Clash of the Gods 24/07/2022 Dream Stories
Sarissa and the Legendary Sword 19/07/2022 Gustavo Jose da Silva
Destructive Dice! 17/07/2022
Fly&Poop 15/07/2022 José F. de León
Mothmen 1966 14/07/2022 LCB Game Studio
Legends of Kingdom Rush 14/07/2022 Ironhide Game Studio
Urbek City Builder 13/07/2022 Estudios Kremlinois
Undergrave 13/07/2022 Wired Dreams Studio
Lunar Axe 11/07/2022 Ops Game Studio
Esse Proxy 11/07/2022 FromSouthGames
Backroom Beyond 08/07/2022 White Vortex Games
MADiSON 08/07/2022 Bloodious Games
El Minero 03/07/2022
I deserve a happy ending 29/06/2022 Man-Eater Games
FOBIA - St. Dinfna Hotel 28/06/2022 Pulsatrix Studios
Saturn Menace 22/06/2022 LFR Games
Capelord: Bounty Hunters 21/06/2022 Wirasoft
Dorfs: Hammers for Hire 21/06/2022 Ravegan
Little Inner Monsters - Card Game 20/06/2022 Mens Sana Interactive
BiblioMania 20/06/2022 Red Scale Studio
Sokolor 17/06/2022 Gray Boss
HEN, CHICKS AND CATS 17/06/2022 Rising Moon Games
Lux Ex - Legacy 17/06/2022 Caio Ribeiro Chagas
Operation8 Project 16/06/2022 Benjamín Andrés Hernández
Hatup 16/06/2022 Naoka Games
Dis Pontibus 2 15/06/2022 Marcos Donnantuoni
Unbearable 12/06/2022 Francisco González Mejía
SUPER CRANE 10/06/2022
Spyer 10/06/2022 GamesBraz
Spacelines from the Far Out 09/06/2022 Coffeenauts
Another Side 06/06/2022 Syrent Games
Hacker Man 03/06/2022 GamesBraz
Philosophical Jigsaw - The Zen Koans 01/06/2022 The Philosophical School of Games
Billy 101 31/05/2022 Nibb Games
The President 27/05/2022 GamesBraz
SOOT 27/05/2022 Ceiba Software & Arts
LEZ 27/05/2022 Nicolás
Unwell Known 26/05/2022 Box Cutter Game Studio
NetSpace Saga Ep.1 26/05/2022 Hollow Games
Magic Rampage 24/05/2022 Asantee Games
AccrO 24/05/2022 Walter Machado
Blade Bros ACTION! 20/05/2022 Luftmensch
A Fungus In My Garden 20/05/2022 Broken Compass Studio
Khoros 18/05/2022 Sureksu
My Name is Mayo 3 17/05/2022 Green Lava Studios
Frog's Feast! 16/05/2022
The Night of the Scissors 13/05/2022 Tomás Esconjaureguy
Red Valley 09/05/2022 616 Games
A Jornada de Vanildo 09/05/2022 Paulo Sacilotti Junior
Nikté Ha' 07/05/2022
Agent 01 06/05/2022 GamesBraz
The Inheritance of Crimson Manor 05/05/2022 MediaCity Games
Unlock the Feelings 05/05/2022 Mens Sana Interactive
Grid Miner 03/05/2022 Kairoscope
Proto Akane 03/05/2022 Lucas Fernández
NCK Game -The Troll Warrior- 30/04/2022
SAOMI 30/04/2022 Naoka Games
MACE: Mapinguari's Temple 29/04/2022 Tavern Tale Studio
Tilebreaker 26/04/2022 Square Wheel
Axolotl is Dry 25/04/2022
Pyta's Tale 25/04/2022
Immortal Mantis 22/04/2022 BitLife
Black Lotus Motel 20/04/2022 Ale Barredo
Underground Life 19/04/2022 Remainder Studios
El mundo de Dandi 18/04/2022 Ruken Games
The Scorchfarer 15/04/2022 Michiyuki Project
PopSlinger 14/04/2022 Funky Can Creative
MathTower 14/04/2022 Ticos Games
Nah, see? Cookies! 12/04/2022
Rain Food 12/04/2022 Victor Hugo Pérez Artega
Obsessive Revenge 09/04/2022 GamesBraz
ShapeGrid 04/04/2022 Matias Bontempo
A Butterfly's Dream 04/04/2022 The Philosophical School of Games
The Thief 01/04/2022 GamesBraz
Stay at Home 29/03/2022
Quake Survivor 25/03/2022 LFR Games
Doomed to Hell 25/03/2022
Imp of the Sun 24/03/2022 Sunwolf Entertainment
Toziuha Night: Dracula's Revenge 21/03/2022 Danny Garay
SokoWinter 13/03/2022 Gray Boss
Pasajeros 12/03/2022 GameLoop
Ink'n'Think 11/03/2022 Undev Games
Combatant 11/03/2022 GamesBraz
Aztech Forgotten Gods 10/03/2022 Lienzo
Urbek City Builder: Prologue 10/03/2022 Estudios Kremlinois
Koni: The Secrets of Castle 09/03/2022 Shido Game Studio
TeleKIDnesis 07/03/2022
Burning Horns: A Bara Isekai JRPG 04/03/2022 Male Doll
Explosiver 04/03/2022 GamesBraz
What Lies in the Multiverse 04/03/2022 Studio Voyager
Pets at Work 28/02/2022 Nibb Games
Atuel 25/02/2022 Matajuegos
Stay with Me! Alien Abduction Story 25/02/2022 Dreams of Heaven
Blood Camp 24/02/2022 616 Games
2030 21/02/2022 LFR Games
Atari shooter 20/02/2022
Mechs V Kaijus - Tower Defense 17/02/2022 Doble Punch Games
Arctico 15/02/2022 Claudio Norori
Coins Invaders 15/02/2022 Netdreams
A todas mis memorias futuras 14/02/2022
Ornare 11/02/2022
Mago: The Villain's Burger 07/02/2022 Dream Potion Games
Blue Fire: Void Maker 04/02/2022 Robi Studios
Escape the Ayuwoki: Horror Night 04/02/2022 DeadlyCrow Games
Super Shooter 03/02/2022
Zombie Carnage 2 03/02/2022 LNJ
Cock Soccer 02/02/2022 Lobosandia
ABRAXAS 30/01/2022
Reverie Knights Tactics 25/01/2022 40 Giants Entertainment
What Lies in the Multiverse - Prologue 25/01/2022 Studio Voyager
Arpi Adventures 25/01/2022
Porcelana 21/01/2022 Pandita Studio
Something Pretty 17/01/2022
Asteroid Five 14/01/2022 Deep Dive Project
Box's Dream 14/01/2022 EspirArt Games
Blossom, La Jirafa SAGA 05/01/2022 BLJ Games
Tactical Operations Force 29/12/2021 Leonardo Andres Villegas Alegre
Latarnix Puzzle 24/12/2021 Mad Mimic
Cinemoji: Series 17/12/2021 Gray Boss
Chameneon 16/12/2021 Burning Goat Studio
There Will Be No Turkey This Christmas 15/12/2021 Creative Hand
The Psychoduck 14/12/2021 Nibb Games
Reta Tus Habilidades 13/12/2021 Impacta Games
Deborg Desolation Pre-Born 02/12/2021 Deborg Desolation
WARZONE-X 28/11/2021 David Correa
Deranged 23/11/2021 Franco Hernández
El alimento correcto 21/11/2021
Railway Islands - Puzzle 18/11/2021 Rising Moon Games
Ríos de Lluvia 16/11/2021 Abstract Digital
Chronicles of Sarval: Bridges of Koni 12/11/2021 Shido Game Studio
A Pretty Odd Bunny 11/11/2021 AJ Ordaz Games
Captain ToonHead vs the Punks from Outer Space 11/11/2021 Teravision Games
Gravitational 10/11/2021 Electric Monkeys
Cinemoji: Halloween 07/11/2021 Gray Boss
Rayland 06/11/2021 Naoka Games
Super Mombo Quest 03/11/2021 Orube Game Studio
Tunche 02/11/2021 LEAP Game Studios
El camino del deseo 30/10/2021
Muxxxe: Guerrillera 30/10/2021
REalM: Walk of Soul 29/10/2021 Quantum Sheep
INDICTED 29/10/2021 616 Games
Altar De Muertos 28/10/2021
Decoherence 28/10/2021
Milli & Greg 28/10/2021 2ndBoss
Devil Inside Us: Roots of Evil 27/10/2021 Fernando Tittz
FishWitch Halloween 25/10/2021 Green Sauce Games
Secrets of Magic 5: Back to School 25/10/2021 Green Sauce Games
Xolo 23/10/2021
Mega Monster Party - Multiplayer AirConsole 22/10/2021 Epopeia Games
Anti-Jump-Man 21/10/2021
Evertried 21/10/2021 Lunic Games
Nami 20/10/2021 Expresso Studios
INVERT 16/10/2021 Naoka Games
Muertos 14/10/2021
Dungeon Color 12/10/2021
Gladiator of sparta 11/10/2021 LFR Games
Night Reverie 08/10/2021 Somber Pixel
Fear in The Modern House - CH3 08/10/2021 Samuka Gomes
Ranita Fishing 08/10/2021
Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl 04/10/2021 Fair Play Labs
Death by Growth 04/10/2021
La prisionera de la Noche 01/10/2021 RMAL
Língua 01/10/2021 Guilherme Giacomini
Versteckt 01/10/2021
Wife Quest 30/09/2021 Pippin Games
The Last Friend 30/09/2021 Stonebot Studio
Doom Work 30/09/2021 Nibb Games
UNSIGHTED 30/09/2021 Studio Pixel Punk
Project Nightmares Case 36: Henrietta Kedward 29/09/2021 NC Studio
Rogue Yankii 27/09/2021
Teacup 23/09/2021 Smarto Club
Explosive Candy World 15/09/2021 Marcos Fuchter
Slime's Journey 15/09/2021 Juliano Ferreira de Lima
Slender Threads: Prologue 15/09/2021 Blyts
Kitsu 13/09/2021
TechBeat Heart 13/09/2021 Lost Machine Games
S.I.N. Unit: Ghost Investigation & Removal 07/09/2021 Intellicialis
Raven's Hike 06/09/2021 Wired Dreams Studio
Sokocat - Dungeon 02/09/2021 Rising Moon Games
Tricks Magician 31/08/2021 Nibb Games
Tinytopia 30/08/2021 MeNic Games
Quí 28/08/2021
Floating Farmer - Logic Puzzle 28/08/2021 Mens Sana Interactive
Ha_Bits 28/08/2021 Dark Quixote Studio
Tormented Souls 27/08/2021 Dual Effect
Space Drone: Rescue Mission 23/08/2021 Gray Boss
TORRE TACTICS 22/08/2021
Alice Trapped Beyond Wonderland 20/08/2021 MediaCity Games
Greak: Memories of Azur 17/08/2021 Navegante
Paparruchas 16/08/2021
Lihue 09/08/2021 Nehual Pascale
Climb, Don't Ask! 07/08/2021
Rescuer 06/08/2021 GamesBraz
DRAMA 06/08/2021 Shared Dreams Studios
Dodgeball Academia 05/08/2021 Pocket Trap
County Hospital 04/08/2021 LFR Games
Smithy Wars 30/07/2021 Bigboot Studios
Kinduo 29/07/2021 Nibb Games
DeMagnete VR 27/07/2021 BitCake Studio
Pets No More 25/07/2021 Purple Tree
SIK Space Invader Kreature 24/07/2021 Ajal Game Studio
408 - The Forbidden Room 23/07/2021 Samuka Gomes
YUKI 22/07/2021 ARVORE Immersive Experiences
THE ORIGIN: Blind Maid 22/07/2021 Waraní Studios
Cris Tales 20/07/2021 Dreams Uncorporated
Toroom 17/07/2021
Fostering Apocalypse 15/07/2021 Incisor Studios
Reverie Knights Tactics: Prologue 13/07/2021 40 Giants Entertainment
The Chameleon 13/07/2021 Merlino Games
Pixel Cup Soccer - Ultimate Edition 06/07/2021 Batovi Games
A Day Off 04/07/2021
Yokai Taiji 30/06/2021
Rescue Teddy 30/06/2021
Upaon: A Snake's Journey 25/06/2021 Wired Dreams Studio
Monstrous Lovers 24/06/2021 Man-Eater Games
Endocrisis 24/06/2021
Buddy and Lucky Solitaire 23/06/2021 Mens Sana Interactive
Fluffy Cubed 18/06/2021 Naoka Games
Switch It 17/06/2021 Lucas Fernández
Virtuous Western 17/06/2021 Nibb Games
Super Sunny Island 17/06/2021 Juliano Ferreira de Lima
Dome Discover 11/06/2021
Cold Castle 06/06/2021
Find the D.A.T.A 06/06/2021
Pathfinders: Mini Words 03/06/2021 Mens Sana Interactive
SLUDGE LIFE 02/06/2021 Terri Vellmann
Yupi 31/05/2021 Netdreams
Deeply Dark 31/05/2021 DALESI
Fish Person Shooter 20/05/2021
Guardian of Lore 18/05/2021 Round2Games
Mecha Snake 18/05/2021 Lucas Fernández
Romb Taider 17/05/2021 The Solar Moose
Sokocat - Islands 14/05/2021 Rising Moon Games
The Awakening of Mummies 13/05/2021 Virtual Arts Studio
Retro Machina 12/05/2021 Orbit Studio
Dino Rex 06/05/2021
Pureya - Barco 01/05/2021
Island Farmer - Jigsaw Puzzle 30/04/2021 Mens Sana Interactive
Deep Drill 28/04/2021
Sol Dorado Heist 23/04/2021 Megalixir Games
Cinemoji: Oscar 23/04/2021 Gray Boss
Puzzletronics Digital Infinite 20/04/2021 Naoka Games
Crazy Gravity 20/04/2021 JM Neto Game Dev
SOULBOUND 15/04/2021 Parley Games
NovaMundi 13/04/2021
NovaMundi: The Spear of Chaquén 13/04/2021 Acceso anticipado Slashware Interactive
DrillBug 11/04/2021
Cinemoji 08/04/2021 Gray Boss
Astrodogs 08/04/2021 Dynamic Media Triad
Rouge Hotel 05/04/2021
Hot Cakes Machine 03/04/2021
Matraquinha PAIR 02/04/2021 Mens Sana Interactive
Guns N' Runs 30/03/2021 Statera Studio
Pollo Man (Prototipo) 30/03/2021
Be Hero 30/03/2021 Mirabolis Studios
Kaze and the Wild Masks 26/03/2021 PixelHive
LootLite 25/03/2021 Isoca Games
Dandy Ace 25/03/2021 Mad Mimic
Puzzletronics Analog Eletronics 24/03/2021 Naoka Games
For Sparta 22/03/2021 Gamecraft Studios
Fate of Kai 19/03/2021 Trylight Game Studio
Mini Words: Polyglot 18/03/2021 Mens Sana Interactive
Red Ronin 17/03/2021 Wired Dreams Studio
Midnight is Lost 17/03/2021 Robotizar Games
Holodrive 16/03/2021 BitCake Studio
Duel on Board 04/03/2021 rebel rabbit
The Lost Night 27/02/2021
Puzzle Car 27/02/2021 Rising Moon Games
Rhythm Doctor 26/02/2021 Acceso anticipado 7th Beat Games
Escape del Bucle Eterno 23/02/2021 The Solar Moose
Make the Burger 22/02/2021 Creative Hand
CHACAL 19/02/2021 Pernich Media
Gravity Heroes 19/02/2021 Electric Monkeys
My Dream Sport Dating Simulator 18/02/2021 Curse Box Studios
Pathfinders: Memories 16/02/2021 Mens Sana Interactive
Wild West Crops 16/02/2021 Juliano Ferreira de Lima
Instant Farmer - Logic Puzzle 05/02/2021 Mens Sana Interactive
Blue Fire 04/02/2021 Robi Studios
Memory Collectors 29/01/2021
Abyss The Forgotten Past 29/01/2021 Acceso anticipado OWG Studios
Hidden Lands 28/01/2021 Avix
Hidden Shelter 27/01/2021 White Vortex Games
The Wandering 25/01/2021
Metamorfosis 25/01/2021
Teratopia 20/01/2021 Ravegan
Spam Cards 20/01/2021
Occultus Command 13/01/2021 Cuco Code
Snacks Van 10/01/2021
Finger Chopper 04/01/2021
The Brightest Ocean 03/01/2021 Ashara Studios
Radar 27/12/2020
Pico Piñata 26/12/2020
Fancy Girrafe 24/12/2020
Mouse And Cheese Tactics 23/12/2020 Skull Commando Labs
Understanding, The Game 23/12/2020 Matias Ezequiel Weschenfeller
WAVE RIDER 22/12/2020 Startreming Games
Secrets of Magic 4: Potion Master 22/12/2020 Green Sauce Games
Idle Slayer 21/12/2020 Pablo Leban
Tombo Survivor 18/12/2020 Magro Play
Max Raider 16/12/2020 Kairoscope
Not Dead Yet 15/12/2020 Vincae Entretenimento
G.I. Joe: Operation Blackout 15/12/2020 IguanaBee
Stomper 10/12/2020
Together 09/12/2020
Age of ilcoin VR : Retribution 07/12/2020
Age of ilcoin VR : Retribution 07/12/2020 Focka Games
Nine Witches: Family Disruption 04/12/2020 Indiesruption
Abyss The Forgotten Past: Prologue 04/12/2020 OWG Studios
The OrangeRice 04/12/2020 Bearboy studios
Per Aspera 03/12/2020 Tlön Industries
Nihariely’s Spatial Adventure 03/12/2020 Artificer Creator
Ponpu 02/12/2020 Purple Tree
Scribbles 01/12/2020
GENIUS AT WORK! 01/12/2020 Lucas Fernández
Nickelodeon Kart Racers 2: Grand Prix 01/12/2020 Bamtang Games
Dawn of the Mexica 26/11/2020 Pablo Barrón
Bob Help Them 25/11/2020
Slobbers 25/11/2020
SUPERCHICOS 24/11/2020 Waraní Studios
Pombero - The Lord of the Night 23/11/2020 Inside Studios
Fear in The Modern House - CH2 22/11/2020 Samuka Gomes
Diorama Builder 20/11/2020 Acceso anticipado Virtual Arts Studio
SMIB: Mission Cure 19/11/2020 Acceso anticipado Virtual Arts Studio
My Name is Mayo 2 17/11/2020 Green Lava Studios
Breaking Gates 17/11/2020 Ylun Games
Pocket Penguin 16/11/2020 Dog Biscuit Studios
Pocket Penguin DX ( ポケットペンギン): A Retro Style Adventure 15/11/2020
XIBALBA 13/11/2020 Reef Software
Dojoran 09/11/2020 Nautlander
The King's Role 05/11/2020
Gnome Tower 05/11/2020
Mini Words: Top Games 05/11/2020 Mens Sana Interactive
Desarraigo 04/11/2020
Golazo! Soccer League 03/11/2020 Purple Tree
The Legend of Arcadieu 2 02/11/2020 Kavorka Play
Teeth & Tiles 31/10/2020
PositronX 29/10/2020 Scorpius Games
Mages and Treasures 27/10/2020 Juliano Ferreira de Lima
Redd's Runaway 27/10/2020 BeWolf Studio
Secrets of Magic 3: Happy Halloween 26/10/2020 Green Sauce Games
Savage Halloween 26/10/2020 2ndBoss
Colorful Colore 24/10/2020
Spooky Chase 23/10/2020 Burning Goat Studio
Shapeshooter 22/10/2020 NukGames
Disc Room 22/10/2020 Terri Vellmann
Awakalipsis 20/10/2020
Warped Space Shooter 20/10/2020
Space Love Delta 19/10/2020 Kavorka Play
SER 17/10/2020
Barry the Bunny 15/10/2020 Juliano Ferreira de Lima
Kingdom Rush Vengeance 15/10/2020 Ironhide Game Studio
The Signifier 15/10/2020 Playmestudio
Pico Room4Joy 12/10/2020
Las Peripecias en la Catedral 10/10/2020
Andamios y Restauradores 10/10/2020
Mint Works 09/10/2020
Secret of The Lost Keys - Episodio I: El ataque en Disred 05/10/2020 José Luis Escobar
This House Looks Familiar 05/10/2020
Llorona 03/10/2020
Squid! Escape! Fight! 03/10/2020
Gemini 23/09/2020
Mina & Michi 22/09/2020 Juliano Ferreira de Lima
Automata Break 18/09/2020 Pumpkin Head Studio
Neon Race 08/09/2020
Tropicalia 07/09/2020 Acceso anticipado Paulo Henrique Franqueira
Come to Play 07/09/2020
Puzzlebot 05/09/2020
Rogue Summoner 03/09/2020 Gamecraft Studios
Wira & Taksa: Against the Master of Gravity 01/09/2020 Acceso anticipado 3S Design Studio
The Macramancer 30/08/2020
Arrog 28/08/2020 LEAP Game Studios
Super Marble Brothers 26/08/2020 Vutune
Skitt 24/08/2020 Ricardo Huerta
Project K 23/08/2020
YRek Lost In Portals 13/08/2020 Gabriel López
Cuba2077 10/08/2020 The
Dungeon Throne 10/08/2020 Martín Maestri Martínez
Slimesphere 06/08/2020 Matheus Reis
Hellbound 04/08/2020 Saibot Studios
Super Wiloo Demake 31/07/2020 Juliano Ferreira de Lima
Super Box Land Demake 31/07/2020 Juliano Ferreira de Lima
Robbert's Breakn't 26/07/2020
COVID - 19 BIOHAZARD 22/07/2020 WBStudios
Rock of Ages 3: Make & Break 21/07/2020 ACE Team
Cooking Night 19/07/2020
Hanapon Princess 19/07/2020 Kavorka Play
SOONA 13/07/2020 FjonGames
Chirper - Newsfeed Simulator 12/07/2020
Paint 'em 12/07/2020
Totemsito 09/07/2020
Magic Lessons in Wand Valley - a jigsaw puzzle tale 09/07/2020 Mens Sana Interactive
Jonas Willy Online 09/07/2020 Vutune
The Line 09/07/2020 ARVORE Immersive Experiences
Pullfrog 04/07/2020
Frog & Friend 30/06/2020
Kinelga: Rythm 30/06/2020
Fashion Gaze 29/06/2020
Ranata the Frog and the Broken Forest 27/06/2020
Order from Caos 16/06/2020 White Vortex Games
Evan's Remains 11/06/2020 Matías Schmied
Zac Zac adventure 09/06/2020 Tfk1 Games Studios
Tornado Driver 07/06/2020 Vutune
The lost Labyrinth 31/05/2020 Green Sauce Games
Fragic 28/05/2020
Quantum League 26/05/2020 Acceso anticipado Nimble Giant Entertainment
Causa, Voices of the Dusk 26/05/2020 Niebla Games
Proyecto Flamingo X1 25/05/2020 Flamingo Simulation Systems
DarkStory Online 23/05/2020 BraveWolf
Cyber Ops 21/05/2020 Octeto Studios
Virus Hunter 21/05/2020
Sakura Stars 21/05/2020 Super16bits
Lucky and a life worth living - a jigsaw puzzle tale 20/05/2020 Mens Sana Interactive
Mahjong Deluxe 20/05/2020 EnsenaSoft
Dice Emblem 17/05/2020
Last Man 15/05/2020 War Industries Games
Drifter King Online 15/05/2020 Vutune
Lunch A Palooza 14/05/2020 Seashell Studio
Wizodd 11/05/2020
Octagon 09/05/2020
Get Out 29/04/2020 Acceso anticipado
Pixel Ripped 1995 23/04/2020 ARVORE Immersive Experiences
Valorya: The Blacksmith 22/04/2020
Obey Me 21/04/2020 Error 404 Game Studios
Faith of Fate 19/04/2020 Guillermo Flores Morales
Super Forklift 3000 17/04/2020 Marcos Fuchter
Mini Words: Top Movies 10/04/2020 Mens Sana Interactive
A Meta Data Game 23/03/2020
Neon City Riders 12/03/2020 Mecha Studios
Shieldmaiden: Remix Edition 12/03/2020 Dumativa
Reversion - The Return (Last Chapter) 28/02/2020 3F Interactive
Out of Space 26/02/2020 Behold Studios
Witch College 2 24/02/2020 Kavorka Play
Plague Road 19/02/2020
Cómo se conocieron los padres de Buddy 14/02/2020 Mens Sana Interactive
Tinieblas Jr's Adventures 12/02/2020 Unchild Games
Pig in tower 2 10/02/2020
Omnibion War 06/02/2020 Crazy Bullet
Space Elite Force II 03/02/2020 Rising Moon Games
Astra Exodus 30/01/2020 Atomic Kaiser
Nubarron: The adventure of an unlucky gnome 30/01/2020 Nastycloud
Power Stealers 27/01/2020 InterTUM
Mental Health 21/01/2020
Find Me: Horror Game 21/01/2020 Kalaoh Games
TAXIDERMY 14/01/2020 Fernando Tittz
History Racers 2 25/12/2019 BandPrice
Shadow Brawlers 13/12/2019 Guazú
The Answer Is 42 12/12/2019 Mens Sana Interactive
Santa's Holiday 11/12/2019 Green Sauce Games
Escape the Ayuwoki 26/11/2019 DeadlyCrow Games
Bug Fables: The Everlasting Sapling 21/11/2019 Moonsprout Games
Starexcess 21/11/2019 Super16bits
GREEN The Life Algorithm 21/11/2019
Sarlacc 18/11/2019
The Legend of Arcadieu 13/11/2019 Kavorka Play
Headsnatchers 07/11/2019 IguanaBee
[Psycho Nightmare] 04/11/2019
Queeny Army 03/11/2019 Alan Hernández Sánchez
Arauco Saga - Rpg Action 01/11/2019 Ánimas Games
Rift Racoon 01/11/2019 Marcos Fuchter
The Last Promise 31/10/2019 Acceso anticipado Undermax Games
Spooky Station 29/10/2019 Expresso Studios
Mini Words - minimalist puzzle 24/10/2019 Mens Sana Interactive
Sky Racket 20/10/2019 Double Dash Studios
Musasabi 16/10/2019 Ludumify
Lovely Heroines 16/10/2019 Kavorka Play
Project Alune♫ (Demo) 10/10/2019 Juan Beltran
Nobodies: Murder Cleaner 30/09/2019 Blyts
Super Platformer Gun 30/09/2019 Expresso Studios
Lenin - The Lion 27/09/2019 João
Break Arcade Games Out 20/09/2019 Gamecraft Studios
Lucid Nina 10/09/2019
GARNACHITO 09/09/2019
Divenia 03/09/2019 Unchild Games
X Wars Deluxe 28/08/2019 Intellicialis
Renzo Racer 28/08/2019 EnsenaSoft
Biolab Wars 23/08/2019 2ndBoss
REDO! 20/08/2019 Robson Paiva
The Werewolf Hills 17/08/2019 Blueplant Entertainment
ARIDA: Backland's Awakening 15/08/2019 Aoca Game Lab
Dim (2022 demo) 12/08/2019
Color Slayer 12/08/2019 The Domaginarium
Witch College 30/07/2019 Kavorka Play
Mini Tone - Minimalist Puzzle 29/07/2019 Mens Sana Interactive
Storm Tale 26/07/2019 Green Sauce Games
Blazing Chrome 11/07/2019 JoyMasher
SolSeraph 10/07/2019 ACE Team
7 Lives 20/06/2019
Omen of Sorrow 07/06/2019 AOne Games
Giant Life 07/06/2019 Patagoniart
Trident's Wake 04/06/2019 Bacus Studios
Pleasure Airlines 30/05/2019
Space War: Infinity 28/05/2019 Rising Moon Games
Chernomeat Survival Game 23/05/2019
The Astrolarix 16/05/2019 Artificer Creator
Iron Marines 15/05/2019 Ironhide Game Studio
Combate Monero 03/05/2019 Oribe Ware Games
Forager 18/04/2019 HopFrog
Super Catscape 10/04/2019 Nuke Games
Space Smash 07/03/2019 Rising Moon Games
Super Catscape 01/03/2019
Home Steal Rhythm Home (Demo) 28/02/2019
Hex Defense 15/02/2019 Patagoniart
A Dance of Fire and Ice 24/01/2019 7th Beat Games
Dis Pontibus 07/01/2019 Marcos Donnantuoni
Event-D 17/12/2018 Freedintale Studio
Monica e a Guarda dos Coelhos 04/12/2018 Mad Mimic
Override: Mech City Brawl 03/12/2018 The Balance Inc
Broken Reality 29/11/2018 Dynamic Media Triad
Devil's Toy 06/11/2018 Blueplant Entertainment
Sophie's Guardian 31/10/2018 GameCoder Studios
Attack Helicopter Dating Simulator 27/09/2018 Curse Box Studios
the Answers [Puzzle] Shop 24/09/2018
Expiración 21/09/2018 Hiperactiva Bit
Bunny Battle Arena 12/09/2018 DCF Studios
Ninjin: Clash of Carrots 04/09/2018 Pocket Trap
Ghosting Gun S 24/08/2018 J. D.
Apocalypse Rider 23/08/2018 VRMonkey
VR Jogger 17/08/2018 EnsenaSoft
Viking Days 08/08/2018 VRMonkey
Hyper Simon X 08/08/2018 NukGames
Bookers: Underground Chapter 28/06/2018
Pig In Tower 26/06/2018
Haimrik 19/06/2018
Wonfourn 15/06/2018
Evil Labs 15/06/2018 Mirabolis Studios
Wonfourn 15/06/2018 EnsenaSoft
Bighead Runner 07/06/2018 NukGames
Quantum Replica 31/05/2018
Birdcakes 29/05/2018 Green Lava Studios
Slipstream 21/05/2018 Sandro Luiz de Paula
Space Elite Force 17/05/2018 Rising Moon Games
Goroons 17/05/2018 Epopeia Games
The Watchmaker 15/05/2018 Micropsia Games
Horizon Chase Turbo 15/05/2018 Aquiris Game Studio
Sacrifice your brothers 10/05/2018
Tyr: Chains of Valhalla 08/05/2018 Ennui Studio
The Dreamlands: Aisling's Quest 10/04/2018 The Domaginarium
Road Scars: Origins 03/04/2018 NukGames
Quaddro 2 29/03/2018 Mental Lab Studio
Long Gone Days 28/03/2018 Acceso anticipado BURA
Cruz Brothers 19/03/2018 DCF Studios
Pato Box 15/03/2018 Bromio
Splash Adventure: The Maze of Morla 15/03/2018
SUPER ASTEROIDS 08/03/2018 Alcateia Entertainment
IIN 05/03/2018 Epopeia Games
Distortions 02/03/2018 Among Giants
Mulaka 27/02/2018 Lienzo
DMD Mars Mission 22/02/2018 Focka Games
Dandara: Trials of Fear Edition 06/02/2018 Long Hat House
Paradise Lost: FPS Cosmic Horror Game 17/01/2018 Juan Enrique Pedraza Rejon
Ship Ahoy Open BETA 16/01/2018 Okam Studio
Fenix Box 12/01/2018 Green Lava Studios
Snake Eyes Dungeon 21/12/2017 Facundo Mounes
Pilli Adventure 06/12/2017
Intergalactic traveler: The Omega Sector 26/11/2017 Artificer Creator
Prelude: Psychological Horror Game 20/11/2017 Juan Enrique Pedraza Rejon
CHOCONES 31/10/2017
Secrets of Magic 2: Witches and Wizards 27/10/2017 Green Sauce Games
High Hell 23/10/2017 Terri Vellmann
Blackout Z: Slaughterhouse Edition 20/10/2017 NukGames
Vitamin Girl 11/10/2017 Androzz Works
No Heroes Here 02/10/2017 Mad Mimic
Lost Shipwreck 29/09/2017 Acceso anticipado Blueplant Entertainment
Darkestville Castle 21/09/2017 Epic Llama
Fight'N Rage 19/09/2017 SebaGames
The Nightmare from Beyond 12/09/2017 The Domaginarium
Rock of Ages 2: Bigger & Boulder 28/08/2017 ACE Team
Polygoneer 24/08/2017 NukGames
Pirate Jump 2 23/08/2017 EnsenaSoft
Pirate Jump 2 23/08/2017
Eliosi's Hunt 15/08/2017 TDZ Games
Fidel Dungeon Rescue 01/08/2017 Daniel Benmergui
Galaxy of Pen & Paper +1 27/07/2017 Behold Studios
Sokoban Land DX 27/07/2017 Juliano Ferreira de Lima
Blind Men 25/07/2017 Man-Eater Games
iTownGamePlay UNIVERSE 19/07/2017 Undermax Games
Ariel 11/07/2017 Nuclear Fiction
2V Hoverbike 06/07/2017 InterTUM
In Game Adventure: Legend of Monsters 29/06/2017 Rising Moon Games
VR Theme Park Rides 08/06/2017 EnsenaSoft
VR Theme Park Rides 08/06/2017
Randall 06/06/2017 We The Force Studios
The Rabbit Hole Remastered 26/05/2017 VRMonkey
Cyberhunt 19/05/2017 NukGames
Heavy Bleakness 24/04/2017 Sliverbroom Studios
Orange Season 21/04/2017 Innerfire Studios
Link Twin 13/04/2017
VR Chair Games 04/04/2017 EnsenaSoft
7VR Wonders 02/04/2017 VRMonkey
64.0 16/03/2017 rebel rabbit
Stereo Aereo 14/12/2016 Stonebot Studio
Planes, Bullets and Vodka 13/12/2016 NukGames
Mr. Massagy 05/12/2016 Green Lava Studios
Nanuleu 16/11/2016 Selva Interactive
The Sandbox Evolution - Craft a 2D Pixel Universe! 15/11/2016 PixOwl
TZOMPANTLI 09/11/2016 Deathly Ideas
Balloon Blowout 28/10/2016 EnsenaSoft
Balloon Blowout 28/10/2016
Death's Life 26/10/2016 Umbu Games
Block Blowout 26/10/2016
Murder Mystery Adventure 25/10/2016 EnsenaSoft
Bubble Blowout 24/10/2016
Bubble Blowout 24/10/2016 EnsenaSoft
Dessert Storm 23/10/2016 EnsenaSoft
Dessert Storm 23/10/2016 EnsenaSoft
Mahsung Deluxe 17/10/2016 EnsenaSoft
Mahsung Deluxe 17/10/2016
Razortron 2000 12/10/2016 NukGames
Polywings 03/10/2016 Mariano Larronde
Sweet Candy Mahjong 29/09/2016
Sweet Candy Mahjong 29/09/2016 EnsenaSoft
Where's My What? 27/09/2016 EnsenaSoft
Where's My What? 27/09/2016
BalanCity 21/09/2016 MeNic Games
Solitaire Royale 15/09/2016 EnsenaSoft
Chess Knight 2 11/09/2016 EnsenaSoft
Chess Knight 2 11/09/2016
DOGOS 06/09/2016 OPQAM
Dandelion 31/08/2016 Mind Echoes
Ultimate Word Search 2: Letter Boxed 18/08/2016 EnsenaSoft
Fantastic Checkers 2 18/08/2016 EnsenaSoft
Fantastic Checkers 2 18/08/2016
Ultimate Word Search 2: Letter Boxed 18/08/2016
Okhlos: Omega 18/08/2016 Coffee Powered Machine
Fantastic 4 In A Row 2 15/08/2016
Fantastic 4 In A Row 2 15/08/2016 EnsenaSoft
Rock 'N' Roll Defense 10/08/2016 NukGames
Barnyard Mahjong 3 29/07/2016 EnsenaSoft
Barnyard Mahjong 3 29/07/2016
Mustache in Hell 28/07/2016 IdunaSoft
Mystery Of Rivenhallows 26/07/2016 EnsenaSoft
The Hidden Dragon 26/07/2016 EnsenaSoft
The Hidden Dragon 26/07/2016
Mystery Of Rivenhallows 26/07/2016
Heroes from the Past: Joan of Arc 21/07/2016 Green Sauce Games
Fabulous Food Truck 21/07/2016 EnsenaSoft
Kelvin and the Infamous Machine 21/07/2016 Blyts
Fabulous Food Truck 21/07/2016
Mahjong Deluxe 2: Astral Planes 20/07/2016
Mahjong Deluxe 2: Astral Planes 20/07/2016 EnsenaSoft
Hunter's Legacy 19/07/2016
Puppy Dog: Jigsaw Puzzles 19/07/2016
Puppy Dog: Jigsaw Puzzles 19/07/2016 EnsenaSoft
Kitty Cat: Jigsaw Puzzles 18/07/2016
Kitty Cat: Jigsaw Puzzles 18/07/2016 EnsenaSoft
MilitAnt 12/07/2016 Xibalba Studios
Pigmentone 08/07/2016 Sliverbroom Studios
VA-11 HALL-A 21/06/2016 Sukeban Games
Hunter's Legacy 19/06/2016 Lienzo
Mahjong Destiny 17/06/2016 EnsenaSoft
Mahjong Destiny 17/06/2016
SWARMRIDERS 15/06/2016 Walter Machado
Bayla Bunny 13/06/2016
Bayla Bunny 13/06/2016 EnsenaSoft
Milford Heaven - Luken's Chronicles 10/06/2016 CGGAMES
Puzzles Under The Hill 10/06/2016 EnsenaSoft
Puzzles Under The Hill 10/06/2016
Ludo Supremo 08/06/2016 EnsenaSoft
Ludo Supremo 08/06/2016
Pepe Porcupine 06/06/2016 EnsenaSoft
Pepe Porcupine 06/06/2016
POPixel 03/06/2016 CGGAMES
Adele: Following the Signs 02/06/2016 Unosquare Americas
ABC Coloring Town 29/05/2016 EnsenaSoft
ABC Coloring Town 29/05/2016
Forgotten Tales: Day of the Dead 27/05/2016 Green Sauce Games
Miko Mole 25/05/2016 EnsenaSoft
Miko Mole 25/05/2016
Murasaki 12/05/2016
Mini Golf Mundo 10/05/2016
Mini Golf Mundo 10/05/2016 EnsenaSoft
MOP Operation Cleanup 03/05/2016 EnsenaSoft
MOP Operation Cleanup 03/05/2016
Mahjong Deluxe 3 22/04/2016 EnsenaSoft
Unveil 19/04/2016 Particle Studios
Flat Kingdom Paper's Cut Edition 15/04/2016 Fat Panda Games
Atriage 07/04/2016 Batú Games
A grande bagunça espacial 05/04/2016 RMAL
Songs for a Hero - Definitive Edition 24/03/2016 Dumativa
Trigger Runners 03/03/2016
The Interactive Adventures of Dog Mendonça & Pizzaboy® 03/03/2016 Okam Studio
Blue Rider 03/03/2016 Ravegan
My Name is Mayo 15/02/2016 Green Lava Studios
The Deadly Tower of Monsters 19/01/2016 ACE Team
Attractio 18/01/2016
Attractio 18/01/2016 GameCoder Studios
Super Intergalactic Gang 15/01/2016 Martin Cerdeira
Bleeding Border 09/11/2015 Curse Box Studios
Voxel Blast 22/10/2015 Ceiba Software & Arts
Odallus: The Dark Call 15/07/2015 JoyMasher
The Sandbox 29/06/2015 PixOwl
Kerbal Space Program 27/05/2015 SQUAD
Gremlin Invasion: Survivor 01/05/2015 Among Giants
Chroma Squad 30/04/2015 Behold Studios
Tales of the Orient: The Rising Sun 27/02/2015 Green Sauce Games
Agent Awesome 17/02/2015 Chaos Industries
Elliot Quest 12/01/2015
Into The Light 2015 Mind Echoes
Dream Tale 16/12/2014 Green Lava Studios
Fenix Rage 24/09/2014 Green Lava Studios
Heavy Bullets 18/09/2014 Terri Vellmann
Enola 18/09/2014 The Domaginarium
Abyss Odyssey 15/07/2014 ACE Team
Project Root 01/05/2014 OPQAM
Oniken: Unstoppable Edition 05/02/2014 JoyMasher
Kingdom Rush 06/01/2014 Ironhide Game Studio
Knights of Pen and Paper +1 Edition 18/06/2013 Behold Studios
Zeno Clash 2 30/04/2013 ACE Team
Reversion - The Meeting (2nd Chapter) 12/03/2013 3F Interactive
Reversion - The Escape (1st Chapter) 21/03/2012 3F Interactive
Rock of Ages 07/11/2011 ACE Team
Apalabrados 10/2011 Etermax
Bunch of Heroes 21/09/2011 NGD Studios
The Black Heart 31/10/2009 Andrés Borghi
Zeno Clash 21/04/2009 ACE Team
Champions of Regnum 24/05/2007 NGD Studios
Acquária: O Jogo 2003 Green Land Studios
Samba de Oruga 2003 Twin Eagles Group
Outlive 2001 Continuum Entertainment
Malvinas 2032 01/11/1999 Sabarasa Entertainment
Argentum Online 1999 Pablo Márquez
The Bakerville Case En desarrollo
Trash Troopers: Earth Reclaim En desarrollo LFR Games
CYBERSPACE VR En desarrollo FUSE / People & Technology
Back to Home En desarrollo Skylaxx Studio
Runa & the Chaikurú Legacy En desarrollo Fanny Pack Studios
Mark of the Deep En desarrollo Mad Mimic
Lonefarm En desarrollo
UniDuni En desarrollo Clops Game Studio
nullptr En desarrollo Jeferson Silva
Dunjungle En desarrollo Bruno Bombardi
despelote En desarrollo Julián Cordero
KOTOMASHO: I Can't Believe This NEET Guy Turned Into a Magical Girl! En desarrollo
Albatroz En desarrollo Among Giants
Food Boy En desarrollo Dopamin Games
Slender Threads En desarrollo Blyts
Kaila En desarrollo Undergod
Subversive Memories En desarrollo
Sophie: Starlight Whispers En desarrollo Youth Gaming
Killer Dolls Dark Abyss En desarrollo The Domaginarium
Active and Operational En desarrollo Intellicialis
Thumb Fighter En desarrollo Avix
SESSIONS En desarrollo Robson Paiva
Beacon of Neyda En desarrollo Ghost Creative Studio
Champion Shift En desarrollo SRG Studios
Gaucho and the Grassland En desarrollo Epopeia Games
Heart Forth, Alicia En desarrollo Alonso Martín
Yakuza Cats En desarrollo Bivium Games
I'm Not Jelly En desarrollo
ECCO: The Last Whisper En desarrollo
SERANU En desarrollo Skydivers Studio
Sopa En desarrollo StudioBando
Power Solenoid En desarrollo Jupitron
Broken Reality 2000 En desarrollo Dynamic Media Triad
Solar Raiders En desarrollo Robi Studios
Mariachi Legends En desarrollo Halberd Studios
The Path Into The Abyss En desarrollo MXR Productions
Skibidi Up: Bizarre Climbing En desarrollo
Christine En desarrollo Mens Sana Interactive
Mainasutto: I'm Not Alone En desarrollo
Nekopirate En desarrollo
The Amazing Crackpots Club En desarrollo IguanaBee
Maiden Cops En desarrollo Pippin Games
Tenebris Somnia En desarrollo Andrés Borghi
SU the Son of Gaia En desarrollo Zeoarts Inc
Slidemagi En desarrollo Acceso anticipado Batovi Games
Glory Hunters En desarrollo 2think Design Studio
En desarrollo
RKGK / Rakugaki En desarrollo Wabisabi Games
Goblin Cleanup En desarrollo Crisalu Games
Atomic Picnic En desarrollo BitCake Studio
Witches and Butchers En desarrollo Lobosandia
Iron Marines Invasion En desarrollo Ironhide Game Studio
ASKE En desarrollo Tomás Esconjaureguy
FUTURE NOIR En desarrollo The Tierno Company
Brazilian Street Food Simulator En desarrollo Pardall Games
The Cult of Chanseville En desarrollo Developing Dreams AR Game Studios
Sweet Skullvivors En desarrollo Jorge T. Vargas
Hired 2 Die En desarrollo Electric Monkeys
Rompe En desarrollo Orlando Almario
Don Salmon En desarrollo Amano
Legend of You En desarrollo Gamecraft Studios
Malvinas: La Ultima Carta En desarrollo El Burro Studio
Horla En desarrollo Mr. Dev Studio
Lifo Harvester (EP) En desarrollo Martin Cerdeira
Asterminer En desarrollo Benerot
Servicio de Funeraria Marquez Paz En desarrollo
Payloaders Strike! En desarrollo Seven Leaf Clover
Grimfield Mystery En desarrollo Ogre Pixel
Rockstar Idol En desarrollo Pandita Studio
Deathbound En desarrollo Trialforge Studio
El Panadero -The Baker- En desarrollo
Blue Maiden En desarrollo Blusagi Team
Another Crusade En desarrollo Dragon Vein Studios
Revenant Souls En desarrollo BCS Studios
Aboard the Adventure En desarrollo Chenke Games
FROGGONIT En desarrollo Fuz Games
Bubblegum Galaxy En desarrollo Smarto Club
The Black Pepper Crew En desarrollo
Underboard En desarrollo Headless
Dual Gunstrike En desarrollo Lost Machine Games
Toziuha Night: Order of the Alchemists En desarrollo Danny Garay
DEBT DEADLINE En desarrollo Whispering Naked Man
The Crow King En desarrollo
Akurra En desarrollo Cicada Games
Hidden in my Paradise En desarrollo Ogre Pixel
I'm Not Jelly En desarrollo 1 Simple Game
Dreieck En desarrollo Resaca Games
Witches of the New World En desarrollo Horizontal Entertainment
Enigma of Fear En desarrollo Dumativa
Junior Solutions En desarrollo Scubalight Studios
Noir Storm En desarrollo Diskeletton Studios
Pollito & Xiang Xiang: Adventure in the Forest En desarrollo
Pomberito En desarrollo
Hannah En desarrollo SpaceBoy
James is bananas En desarrollo
Frogvale En desarrollo Pablo Mendizábal
Kid Pilot En desarrollo Flamingo Simulation Systems
Mictlan: An Ancient Mythical Tale En desarrollo
Neko Neko Rampage En desarrollo BitCake Studio
The Frozen Kingdom En desarrollo Man-Eater Games
Heat Division: Rescue Team En desarrollo
Mayo Defender En desarrollo Illumination Tree Studio
Arran: The Book of Heroes En desarrollo Pal'Sur Studios
Drill Hero Legend En desarrollo Ylun Games
Wrestling Cardboard Championship En desarrollo Evil Geometry
Diesel Burners En desarrollo Syncromind Games
Dreamsweeper En desarrollo Etherlight
We Took That Trip En desarrollo Felipe
Burning Skies En desarrollo NukGames
Mexico, 1921. A deep slumber. En desarrollo Mácula Interactive
The Cabbage Effect En desarrollo Ninja Garage
Darkest Abyss En desarrollo 2ndBoss
Grashers En desarrollo Patosaur
AlphaBlue En desarrollo Dream Stories
James is bananas En desarrollo Bearboy studios
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